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Micro Enterprise

Let us give you the skills you need to build and grow your small business.

Transforming Passion into a Purposeful Enterprise

Unlock the potential of your passion with the Micro Enterprise Project (MEP). This initiative is designed to empower NDIS participants to establish and nurture small businesses that align with their talents, passions, and unique needs.

How MEP Works:

Participants utilize their NDIS funding to engage with MEP, receiving tailored support throughout the process of conceptualizing, launching, and operating their small enterprises.

Engaging in the Micro Enterprise Project (MEP) offers numerous benefits for individuals:

Alignment with Passion:

MEP starts by identifying and tapping into your passions, hobbies, and interests. This ensures that your small business venture is not just a means of income but a fulfilling pursuit that resonates with your personal interests.

Skill Development and Empowerment:

MEP provides guidance in developing essential skills necessary for entrepreneurship, including social media management, website creation, basic accounting strategies, and the formulation of a comprehensive 2-year business plan. This empowers you with the knowledge and tools needed for successful business operations.

Comprehensive Support Throughout the Journey:

Authentic Support remains with you every step of the way, offering continuous guidance and assistance. This ongoing support is particularly valuable as you navigate the challenges of maintaining and growing your business.

Transition to Independence:

By gaining practical skills and business experience, MEP aims to foster independence. Participants have the opportunity to evolve into their own bosses, providing a pathway to greater autonomy and self-sufficiency.

Our Micro Enterprise Project is designed to not only create business opportunities but also to promote personal growth, skill development, and the realization of one's potential in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Our Process:

Our process is self-paced with no time limits so the process can be as enjoyable as it is an exciting adventure.

1. Discovery:

We begin by compiling a list of your passions, hobbies, and interests.

2. Exploration:

We explore diverse small business opportunities connected to your passion list.

3. Skill Development (Understanding Business):

Here we go though basic accounting strategies, understanding the difference between a hobbie business and a registered ABN, how if can affect your pension, the reporting required and the development of a comprehensive 2-year business plan.

4. Skill Development (Branding):

Next, we assist you in honing the skills essential for establishing the foundation of your new business. This includes guidance on logo design, business cards, fliers, social media content creation and website creation,  

5. Embarking on Your Journey:

With the groundwork laid, the exciting phase begins. Authentic Support becomes your steadfast companion, supporting you at every turn as you manage your business, gain valuable skills, and evolve into an independent business owner.

"Through authentic support I have gained massive motivational and confidence boosts in myself and my way of life. I have adjusted my mindset thanks to them and I feel like it benefited me alot."

- Alex

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