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Unlocking Life's Potential: Understanding Mentoring and Life Transitioning

A closeup of the back of a person's feet running up stairs.

What is a Mentor?

Mentors are individuals who serve as pillars of support, offering guidance and counsel through significant stages of your life. At Authentic Support, our devoted team of Mentors embodies strong role models meticulously chosen to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Our Pledge to You

Our unwavering commitment to YOU is what sets us apart. We prioritize ensuring that our mentors are thoughtfully matched with our mentees. Whether your interests lie in art, sports, or music, we connect you with a like-minded Mentor who shares your passions, fostering your growth and development. The unique bond often results in mutual learning, making the connection even more special.

About Our Mentors

Trained to equip you with the tools needed for life's journey, our Mentors are dedicated to supporting you in becoming self-sufficient and thriving. Your achievements become theirs, establishing a shared sense of success.

Think of your Mentor as your wingman—motivating, advising, coaching, and training you to reach your life goals. Committed to your success, your Mentor assists you in navigating the tools and resources available through your NDIS plan. Whether you're transitioning to independent living, learning to cook, mastering public transport, or pursuing other personal growth plans, your Mentor stands by you, offering support, guidance, and advice tailored to your timeline for achievement.

Authentic Support's Mentors are the foundation of our commitment to helping YOU achieve your life's dreams.

"Through authentic support I have gained massive motivational and confidence boosts in myself and my way of life. I have adjusted my mindset thanks to them and I feel like it benefited me alot."

- Alex

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