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Group Kayaking Trip

Our Day Programs

Our Day Programs are an exciting new way for you to meet new, like-minded people. Learn new life skills or try some new experiences. If you're not sure where to start, contact us now with the button below and our friendly team can help you begin your journey.

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Fruit Stand

Our Life Skills programs are here to help you gain a greater independence both at home and in life. At Authentic Support we love to find new ways to help you. If you have something that isn't on the list below please let us know and well will do out best to see you thrive.

Life Skills

Our Programs

Collaborating at Work

Computer Skills

Need help learning basic computer skills? We have you covered. Understanding how to use your MyGOV account, Online Banking, Microsoft Word - you name it, we can help you get there.

Job Candidate

Career Skills

Want help finding work? We can help you with resume/cover letter writing. Teach you interview skills, find new short courses that we can help you to complete and show you new ways to engage employers.

Cooking Together

Household Knowledge

Wanting to gain more independence at home? Learning the basics is easy. We come to your house and teach everything from cooking simple meals to using your washing machine.

Person Painting Picture

Let's Create

Creativity can be a great tool for maintaining a health mindset. In this program we can show you how to pain, draw, or just come along and have fun creating 

Community Garden

Become a Green Thumb

Always wanted to learn more about gardening? We can teach you everything you need to know and you can even take home your own veggie garden.


Handy Person Workshop

In this workshop, we will teach you a wide range of skills like how to change a car tire, replace a light bulb, fix a leaking tap and much more. Learn to be your own handy person today.

Street Band

Rhythm to Recovery

Wanting to learn an instrument? Or waiting to come on down for a jam with like minded people? This is the program for you.

Friends Socializing

Social Events

Our Social Events are run monthly to help you meet new people. We run multiple social events both and mixed and same gander events to help you build your new community.

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