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About Authentic Support

Who we are, and what we do.


Why us?

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Authentic Support's Mission

Authentic Support was founded with a mission—to identify compassionate and skilled individuals and connect them with the people who need them. These individuals, referred to as mentors, undergo comprehensive training and receive ongoing support, ensuring they are well-prepared to make a lasting impact in their mentees' lives.

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Why We Exist

At Authentic Support, our existence is centred around ensuring our mentees feel valued, supported, and confident to explore life's diverse opportunities. We firmly believe in the significance of interpersonal connections, self-growth, and inclusion as pivotal elements in leading a meaningful life. These principles guide our mentors as they deliver support services.

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How We Help

By actively listening to our mentees' stories, we understand that the most positive outcomes emerge when individuals experience a profound sense of connection and support. Creating a socially just, accessible, and inclusive community that collectively focuses on planning for the future is crucial. With Authentic Support, you'll find exactly that!

"Through authentic support I have gained massive motivational and confidence boosts in myself and my way of life. I have adjusted my mindset thanks to them and I feel like it benefited me alot."

- Alex

We Strive To

Bonding Time

Provide Therapist Access

We provide access to therapists who are skilled in understanding mentee's individual situations. Therapists will then create a plan in collaboration with our mentee's, their mentors, and others involved in their lives.

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Get You Involved

We provide opportunities to participate in a wide range of inclusive activities and programs (e.g., art, cooking, hiking, basketball, bowling) with the support of your mentor and therapists.

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Connect Mentee's

We connect mentee's with a skilled mentor with shared interests, to support them throughout their journeys.

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Coordinate Teams

We coordinate a collaborative team that will work alongside our mentee's to support them to achieve their personal goals. Our team can also support our mentees to discover their interests and goals if they are unsure on where to start.

Our Locations

South Australia

Gawler, Mount Barker, Victor Harbour, and anything in between.


Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and anything in between.

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We can accept funding from NDIS participants who are self-managed and plan-managed. Services can be accessed through either the 'core' or 'capacity building' streams.

We can also support privately paying clients.

CORE - Access Community Social And Rec Activities

CAPACITY BUILDING - Life Transition Planning Mentoring

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