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In-Home Skill Building

We meet you at your home and help you learn the skills you need.

Two people around a kitchen counter having a conversation.

What is In-Home Skill Building?

Learning essential home management skills, like cooking, cleaning, and organization, offers many benefits, we aim to foster both capacity building and mental health. Learning these skills not only empowers individuals with practical tools for independent living but also contributes to the development of a strong foundation for overall well-being. Through our In-Home Skill Building Program, individuals gain competence, resilience, and a sense of control over their lives. 

Here's what we can teach you.

Cooking Skills:

  • Meal Planning: Understanding how to plan balanced and nutritious meals.

  • Food Preparation: Learning knife skills, cooking techniques, and safe food handling.

  • Recipe Reading: Interpreting and following recipes for various dishes.

  • Time Management: Coordinating multiple cooking tasks to have a meal ready on time.

  • Budgeting: Making cost-effective choices when shopping for groceries.

Cleaning Skills:

  • Organization: Developing systems to keep living spaces orderly and efficient.

  • Cleaning Techniques: Using appropriate cleaning products and tools for different surfaces.

  • Stain Removal: Knowing how to address and remove common stains.

  • Decluttering: Simplifying and organizing living spaces to reduce stress.

  • Maintenance: Understanding regular cleaning schedules for different areas.

Laundry Skills:

  • Sorting: Categorizing clothes based on colours, fabrics, and washing requirements.

  • Operating a Washing Machine: Using and maintaining laundry appliances.

  • Folding and Ironing: Proper techniques for neat and organized clothing.

  • Stain Treatment: Addressing stains before and during the washing process.

  • Clothing Care: Understanding garment care symbols and fabric considerations.

Home Organization:

  • Space Planning: Arranging furniture and items for optimal use of space.

  • Storage Solutions: Utilizing storage options to keep items accessible and organized.

  • Labeling: Creating an organized system with labels for easy identification.

  • Minimizing Clutter: Identifying and removing unnecessary items to maintain a tidy space.

Time Management:

  • Scheduling: Creating and managing a household schedule for cleaning, cooking, and other tasks.

  • Prioritization: Identifying and prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance.

  • Goal Setting: Setting achievable goals for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

  • Adaptability: Adjusting schedules and plans to accommodate unexpected events.

Budgeting and Shopping:

  • Financial Literacy: Understanding the costs associated with home management.

  • Grocery Shopping: Creating shopping lists, comparing prices, and making informed choices.

  • Meal Budgeting: Planning meals that are cost-effective and aligned with a budget.

These are crucial elements in navigating the challenges of adulthood. The routine and structure established by these skills provide a framework for a more organized lifestyle, reducing stress, anxiety and discovering a greater sense of independence.

"Through authentic support I have gained massive motivational and confidence boosts in myself and my way of life. I have adjusted my mindset thanks to them and I feel like it benefited me alot."

- Alex

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